Reviews for "The Comet's Calling"

There's a lot of good stuff here. The graphics are big and colorful, the characters are adorable, the music is awesome. Even the sound effect are pleasing. I loved the little hollow "knock on the head." The game is fun to play, and it even gets somewhat challenging. There's enough time to screw up repeatedly and still get the best ending.

The cut scenes are pretty well done. The characters have some funny moments. I like the pause screen too. The ending I saw was funny.

What really bothered me, however, was the way the objects were randomized during a run. Toward the start of the game, everything you need comes regularly, and the challenge comes from timing the pick-up without swallowing something else, particularly when everything is group close together. But as the game goes on, needed items become less and less common during a run. I have this sense that it has something to do with increasing the difficulty, but think of this: as the game gets harder, the player goes through more and more stretches where he just sits there doing nothing while upwards of 25-30 items bounce by. It was annoying when I had to use an entire day to get 1 missed item simply because it refuses to appear on the previous day. Some items rarely appeared at all. I would think I'd finished a level, almost out of time, and then find out that I still had like 8 more of a specific item that was barely appearing at all. Just sitting there WAITING and WAITING and WAITING while I got increasingly worried that I was going to fail the day because I wasn't even getting a chance at scoring the item I needed really angered me.

Also, there were a few times the dog came running up from behind for no apparent reason, ending my day. It was usually very early, and I hadn't choked on anything, or maybe just one thing.

You might also want to add a mute button. As great as the music is, some people might want to listen to other things. Lastly, how about a button that will allow us to exit back to the title screen or the scrap book screen if we don't like the way a run is going?

Xanadu32 responds:

Hey thanks for playing!

I agree with you with the flaw in the item appearance code. There's a brief math lesson as to why it happens in a review before this one. Upon reading yours I realized my big lesson of this game-- dont rely on pure random without a 'guarantee-afier' (patent pending).

The dog can catch up to you some time in the first minute if you dont catch any items at all. Just a small mechanic to take time away from the calendar. good, bad, not sure. just part of the random luck that drives this game.

I thought of adding a mute button but I scaled back the project because it already grew way way way beyond what I was planning. I have to keep it small next time.

As far as the 'back to menu or book' goes, I did that on purpose to force you to move forward with the days. A simple page refresh will bring up the main menu if you want to start a new game. maybe its bad design on that note but once again I needed to scale back some things.

Anyways, thanks for the long and detailed review. I hope you enjoyed the game despite its flaws~
- Xan32

Cute game with easy to pickup mechanics. Simple, but cute art style compliments the animation well. There are some stretches were the items you're looking for just will not show up though. The story is pretty good so far, looking forward to finishing the game.

Good stuff.

Xanadu32 responds:

Yea I agree with you there about the item appearances. Its due to a inherent flaw in the probability engine. Its built on pure random so lets say there's 4 junk items and 4 mission items; 50% chance of getting a mission item. Once you pick up a set of mission items it gets removed from the list so 4/3 4/2 and finally 4/1. This leaves you with a 20% chance of getting the item you need. looking back I should of rebuilt it when I noticed the flaw but it was too late.

Anyways~ Thanks for playing! I hope you finish the game in due time~ Xan32