Reviews for "The Comet's Calling"

ITS SOOOO CUTE ^o^ I had fun playing this.

Okay, so let's start with some "problems":
- The way randomness is managed in this game makes some missions nearly impossible to achieve in a single run (the third to last, in which you have to collect the shinies to please Mr Unifox, is just...). It's kind of unfair that, even when completely mastering the game, you still have to make some levels again and again until absurd luck strikes.
- As the game itself is pretty simple once you get the timings right, it is really surprising that so many achievements are about being a pretty bad player. On my first run, I unlocked only two of the ten achievements: one for the first time Mr Greenie did not choke on a single thing (I actually got it in nine or ten of the fifteen missions), and one for finishing the game. I should be rewarded for playing it right, not for playing it wrong. Also, only 5 points for reaching the end? So... I should be replaying it from the start and be a terrible player on purpose, it would unlock more achievements than playing it right. And, if I get it right, the "barely escaped" achievement wants me to play it again from start to finish, which kind of breaks my 100%-completioner little heart. Why not being a bit more "standard" with this? 50 points for the ending, 100 points for a "perfect" run (no choke at all), 100 points for a "speedrun" (1 day per mission), with three or four achievements as the story advances, like, every third or fourth level, worth 10 or 25 points each, as a way to encourage players to go on. And then, you can add a few 5- or 10-points achievements for screwing up, but achievements that may be unlocked on purpose by a good player in a minute or so...
- the Continue button seems kind of broken.

And now, for the nice stuff:
- the gameplay is nice, maybe a bit too simple and repetitive, but the cutscenes and general storyline make up for it really nicely!
- the musics range from "alright, I guess" (the menu music) to "that is f*cking great" (the night/space theme)
- the overall design is great, although efforts may be made on navigation items (especially, after the ending is reached, the "Next" arrow should bring me back to the main menu, not force me to see the ending scene again).

I really enjoyed it, and I think a few fixes could make it go from "really nice" to "must play".

Although the gameplay per se was pretty simple, the game as a whole kept me hooked because of the whimsical, eccentric and entertaining story-line/cut-scenes.

The virtual boy reference made me giggle. Same with a few of the other 80s/90s references. Ah, nostalgia.

- The dog chased me down /before/ I choked on anything, once (near the beginning of a level, too.) I'm fairly certain it was right after a level where I had actually choked once or twice, allowing the dog to catch up; I haven't been able to repeat the glitch, though.

- Do you need to do every mission in a single day for the "perfect run" achievement? If so, there are instances where the random-generation makes that utterly impossible due to an insufficient amount amount of items in a level.

I love how giant spiked balls just bounce off the little green fella's bean like nothing... Lol. Also, he can swallow missiles, tires, shards of glass, boards with all kind of nails sticking out of them, gasoline, cats, uranium 235 and 55-gallon drums of god-knows what, but some non-toxic paste made for school children? OH HELL NO! Deal-breaker! Game over, man! Game over! I don't remember what the other "level-enders" were, since I never actually hit any of them--I did get chased down by the dog, though--but I assume they are equally-ridiculous, lol. But hey, the whole "nonsensical" aspect is part of what makes the game fun, like "Just Cause 2"...

Sometimes the achievements are over top of the "next level" arrow. No big deal, just a little annoying, so I figured it was worth a mention.

I can not pass level 13! I collect all that is necessary, but each time is still not enough!

um how do i get to day 30 it ended on day 20 whit me is that supposted to happend?

where is the back story like how did those 3 creature meet and become friends?

i find this game very entertaining and the gameplay was absolutely fun. none bugs and gltiches and the animations are amazing! i give it 4 stars. if you could answear those 2 questions that would be very Nice cus im really confused.

Xanadu32 responds:

you have 30 days to complete all the missions. Congrats on beating it in 20 days.
As far as a back story goes, there really isn't one. Lets just assume commendatory through being monsters~

Thanks for playing!