Reviews for "The Comet's Calling"

A nice, little cute game.

A Unicorn fox a dragon and a ....Thing on adventure to do cute things.

Why not?

Xanadu32 responds:

Why not indeedie~

Thanks for playing ^w^

Well, it's three and a half. I think, it's quite fair.
Overall, game sometimes became really boring. That was because of serious flaw in your item appearance mechanism. I guess, you just randomized it, decreasing the chance of appearing the further you go without actually checking if generated items are enough to complete mission. For someone it's not a big problem to make it with 2 or even 3 days, but for some people called "completionists" (also me being one of them) it is a real pain in the arse. Level 13 is symbolical, I was really mad because even that I perfected this level, there was still not enough items to complete level. I restarted it about 7-8 times and was never able to complete it in one run, so I REALLY wanted to be a jerk and put 0 to the game and close it. So, after all, I had to end it up with 16 days and not 15 >:(
Also, dog. I see that if you're not catching objects or choking your speed decreases and dog is catching you. I guess, choking is okay, but item collection is a big failure though, as I mentioned above, item generation mechanism is crap (sorry, but true, I can code the same mechanism in 1-2 minutes, it's really bad and spoils the fun a lot, and the first gamedev rule - NEVER spoil the fun =), so sometimes dog just catches you even if you're never choked on the level.
And, as I said - gameplay has something in it, but it becomes boring quite soon, I guess, a few fresh ideas to diverse the process would've made it much more fun.

That's what concerns flaws. Also, the thing that made me to complete - characters. They are really cute and funny, I liked them a lot. ALSO, during level 13 I was thinking of them like of total jerks doing some useless crap and I hated them, but, after all - they are awesome and the story is fun, I love happy-ends =)
So, next time put a little more time into testing your own game and making it more playable, more fun and less frustrating (or, if you WANT to make it frustrating, put a tag meaning it, I hate such games and never play them). Good luck =)

So the perfect run is impossible, as i always get a random dog attack on day 15. Was doing fine, not a single choke, and somehow the dog still swooped in and tagged me.

After that, the game was fairly simple and had a cute story

I didn't care for this game that much. It was mostly because I couldn't really understand what was going on. For some reason, my medal didn't show up. I heard it, though. The graphics and design were kind of cute. I probably went past the dialogue too much.

It's hard to recommend something that puzzled me so. It is a pretty original idea. I guess I should have not opened my mouth so much. That sounds dirty. So is some of the food.