Reviews for "Effects Demo Reel 2015"

This makes me want to animate again, Mic. It's quite a show. Compliments to Hyun and Terkoiz as well. Things have once again been taken to a higher level.

I remember your old stickmen animations... If this isnt progress IDK what is

Good to see that you're still alive :) You've improved a lot since you started!


This video is here to showcase some effects this guy has been working on. So, the question is: Are they good effects? And to that I answer. Yes. You can see the fucking stras they're right up there. J... J... J... Just look. Were you seriously thinking I was going to say that these effects were bad? No!!! They're awesome. I'd love to see what these are being used for. Great work.

An impressive showcase of creativity and color! Nice effects, nice variation in styles and projects. It's not that long, but it does showcase plenty of different styles, though sticks might not be the most professional. As for the intro, one with more than a title/email would've been neat, feels like that's something you can leave for the end, when the viewer is either interested or not. Keep it going!