Reviews for "The Impossible Maze Game "

I always with everything that has been said by Fubaka. I would just like to add something of a more personal note: I think the music should not reset when you die, and that a Mute button should be present somewhere on the main menu. Apart from that, that was a good start, but some work is left to do before you make a really enjoyable game :) If you do, please let the player start again from the level he died in.

JMac96 responds:

thanks, i'll try to find a way to have the music not to reset next time and try to find a way to make a mute button. a few people here have mentioned about how there should be a way to restart just the level instead of the whole game just like how you said so as well and ill take that into consideration if i choose to make a sequel to this game :) thanks for commenting

Far too easy, even if you don't cheat.
Btw. the "Restart the Game" button doesn't work

JMac96 responds:

wow, you must be great at maze games then. i'll have to make it harder if i make another game like this. also im aware the restart button doesnt work for some people due to the lack of a preloader but thanks for your comment :)

Reminds me of the old school NG, I like it!

JMac96 responds:

thanks, im glad you enjoyed it :D

A few problems with this, right off the bat.

1: No preloader. While it doesn't take very long to load, this does have the effect of throwing off the game for some computers. Newgrounds has some preloaders that you can use just by placing them in the first frame of your game or in a scene on its own above everything else.

2: Exceedingly easy to exploit. Anyone who's familiar with the early history of Flash will have seen this type of game over and over, and there is a classic exploit that, sadly, is present in your game. If you right click to bring up the options list, you can then place your cursor anywhere in the maze, and you can use this trick to immediately jump from start to finish without touching the walls.

One way to fix this is to have the game recognize when you right click, and end the game. The better way to do this though is to make an object that the mouse controls in the maze, rather than the mouse cursor itself.

3: Uninspired level design. There are only 5 levels in this, and they consist only of static curved paths. This kind of game becomes more interesting if you include moving elements.

4: Restart button at win screen doesn't work. Might want to fix that next time.

I don't want to discourage you from making more games, but I'm not gonna go easy on my score. My biggest suggestion to you would be to play more games in this genre. Find the classics, and try to figure out how they work. After that, it's just a matter of time before you have something nice.

JMac96 responds:

next time ill try to find a way to make it so that when you right click, it makes you go to the losing page right off the bat and have it say, "you cheat" or something like that. i was thinking about moving elements like enemies you have to dodge when they get in the way of the path or maybe you could shoot them down when you click whilst still in the maze maybe. i havent had any problems with the winning screen restart button so this is a new occurence i just found out about thanks to you which might have something to do with the lack of a preloader so ill put that in next time if i decide to make one of these games in the future. all these things i will take into consideration from all these comments i have got and thanks to you for spending time to mention what could be done differently with my game. you've been very helpful :)

Okay, I give this a rating of 3. It seems like a game I could have fun with for quite a while, trying to do it while constantly failing- I am no stranger to these types of games. I take it that the music was not copyrighted, as I know I have heard it before, but I am not sure so someone else would have to determine that. My main problem is that when you die as such, you go back to the very beginning of the game, and I find that kind of unfair, given that if someone got to a rather late level, made a careless mistake and lost, they would have to retrace some pretty difficult tracks. I would consider changing this factor. apart from that, it's pretty good!

JMac96 responds:

thanks, i could of made it so that when you get to a level the game will read it as a checkpoint and go back to the start of that level instead of the start for the entire game but i thought it would be challenging to make it so that it doesnt to make it harder, but maybe next time i could have an easy, medium and hard difficulty option where the hard version is the one where you have to start from the beginning if you screw up on a level but thanks for suggesting that since i wouldnt have taken that into consideration before. also, its to my knowledge that if i add music to a game file to put on newgrounds that you have to add the track file onto the credit section of the game and if you monetise (make money out from) submitting the game from ads that you give a suggested fee of 5%-10% of the overall profits to those artists just so everythings cleared up with that. thanks for your time to review on my game as it helps a lot :)