Reviews for "Crash King"

I cannot play the game because it loads only up to 86% and stops. Reloading doesn't help.

sinitra responds:

Please send me report,

Press f12, click console tab and refresh page (ctrl + r). If again freeze %86 print screen console log and send me with prntscr.com

Thank you very much

Cool little mini-game you have here, it takes some time to get used to changing lanes at the right time to get that +1 point.
It can be quite a strain to play this for too long, i played for a few minutes and my eyes started to feel weird, probably due to the fact that we have to keep an eye on both of these cars.
Could use a difficulty setting to spice things up a bit after you master the two car course, adding a 3 or 4 car difficulty setting could really help satisfy some of the hungry gamers out there.

sinitra responds:


Thank you for the suggestion. I'm working on a new version.

Small and pretty cool game. I couldn' t beat 14 points so far, but I tried until I felt reeeeeeally seasick.

There is no tutorial to how play the game. Really, I didn't know what to do to not to crush

sinitra responds:

Thank you for the suggestion.

I suck at this game but my friend is amazing good job you earned these 5 stars! YOU DA' BOMB... (Did I really just type that?) :)

sinitra responds:

Thank you very much! :)