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Reviews for "Super Mario Loops"


Such a good game.
Pretty nice and fun revamp on Super Mario, definitely was not expecting the additional Nintendo games references, haha.
It must have taken a while to create and compile all the things within the game and was definitely a fun experience to spend some time playing.
Definitely worth playing, even more than once.

Munguia responds:

I do this kind of works while i made other QUICK ones, im looking ways to show my artwork, check the stopmotions, it was the 1st thing, then the drawings were useful for 2nd chances like this game, Thanks for comment. The game took me 2 week to be done.

this game is awesome man i just cant stop playing it!

It's decent, but it's laggy in most places, especially the Flappy Bird stage.

These types of open world, non-linear, diverse gameplay, achievement hunting games are the best.

My favorite level was the Link level, because it had the best character, had a boss, had nice secrets, no bugs and a funny joke at the end.

The game had a very well calibrated difficulty, was not too easy but also was not really hard which is important considering it is made after NES games which are generally hard.

This game contained many minor bugs. The pigs shots occasionally became non lethal, but that could be worked around by restarting level. Ducks were immortal in some places so you had to learn when they could be hit, but that could be worked around since they had a predetermined pattern. Sound occasionally disappeared, but that could be worked around by restarting the game as it saves the progress.

Despite the many bugs I decided to give this game maximum score because the bugs could be easily worked around and the game was very fun!