Reviews for "Super Mario Loops"

Such a good game.
Pretty nice and fun revamp on Super Mario, definitely was not expecting the additional Nintendo games references, haha.
It must have taken a while to create and compile all the things within the game and was definitely a fun experience to spend some time playing.
Definitely worth playing, even more than once.

Munguia responds:

I do this kind of works while i made other QUICK ones, im looking ways to show my artwork, check the stopmotions, it was the 1st thing, then the drawings were useful for 2nd chances like this game, Thanks for comment. The game took me 2 week to be done.

Fix the bugs!
Game perfect! 5+

You need to fix the controls!

This is legitimately fun and interesting, I liked it a lot!

Upon initial inspection, I assumed this game was just Mario with Fruity Loops graphics and level design based on both Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3, but then some stage features from other video game classics start popping up, like the Zapper powerup, the Duck Hunt minigame, the Pac-man power up, and things get really crazy, rich and fun! The level design is always interesting and fun, featuring some cool minigames here and there and a few non-linear stages where you have to accomplish some small quests before you can move on. I really like how all the different stages were laid out with pretty enjoyable minigames thrown in the middle of them, and some very crazy features popping in unexpectedly, all based on different games, both classic and modern.

While, in general, most stages and minigames are fun, some are more frustrating than they should be. For instance, that Pac-Man minigame was annoying. In the original Pac-Man games, the player moves in one direction continuously, and you have to tap only to change direction. In the minigame contained in this game, though, it's not like that at all. I wouldn't mind holding down a direction, but in this game, it's even worse, you have to literally tap the directional key whenever you want to move. Then there's also Toad's Arcade, presenting Fruity Loops versions of awesome classics such as Arkanoid and Space Invaders, both of which work alright and are pretty fun, but due to the lack of a pause button, and the fact that the games get thrown at you one after the other without enough time to get ready, coupled with the fact that you have to go all the way back to the first game if you fail... makes it a lot less fun than it could be.

The Fruity Loops graphics gimmick was kinda cool at first, but it gold old quick, I'm sorry. Also, sometimes the level music won't stop when the death/fanfare jingle plays, which's a pretty ugly design flaw. And sometimes, the sound just dies and never returns, and I have no idea why. Also, grammar mistakes, namely, "miss twice and you're* out". Also, the jumping is a little bit floaty in specific stages, and the hit detection sometimes is skewed against the player big time (especially in the Link part, where attacking something you cannot kill kills you, and that's just bullsh*t). And don't even get me started on the freaking water level controls, they are just awful (but thankfully, the water level was short).

Still, the sheer amount of different gameplay modes and the plethora of nostalgic features in this game have to be praised. The developers did a great job in this regard. Too bad the aforementioned flaws make it feel like a broken game in general.

So yeah, rich in features, very nostalgic and mostly fun, but the pretty significant flaws in both design and programming make it feel like it wasn't really as carefully made as it should have been. Can't give this game a rating higher than 3.5/5.

uh... this is rated E right. So is Mario's Penis hanging out during the first underwater level is not mature. Okay then.