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Reviews for "Super Mario Loops"

This Game is Awsome But One Thing Is So Unfair You Can't Get 10 Ducks In The Duck Hunt Mini Game And Theres A Medal For Getting 10 Ducks

it keeps crashing when i die at the Bowser part of the link stage, its way too laggy in level 2, on the 1st toad house i have to do pong over again when i die on the space invaders part, the ghost house is also too laggy, and if i beat the Flappy Bird level the sound permanently mutes itself. plz fix at least, like, 2 of them and i'll be very happy. other that its, like, the best game I've ever played!

Game is awesome, although there was a annoying bug that i couldn't move in the map. Caused me to reset my data over 3 times

its good, but i cant complete level 3

This game is nice.