Reviews for "Super Mario Loops"

Loading too slow

the second level is VERY laggy almost unplayable

This Game is Awsome But One Thing Is So Unfair You Can't Get 10 Ducks In The Duck Hunt Mini Game And Theres A Medal For Getting 10 Ducks

it keeps crashing when i die at the Bowser part of the link stage, its way too laggy in level 2, on the 1st toad house i have to do pong over again when i die on the space invaders part, the ghost house is also too laggy, and if i beat the Flappy Bird level the sound permanently mutes itself. plz fix at least, like, 2 of them and i'll be very happy. other that its, like, the best game I've ever played!

Game is awesome, although there was a annoying bug that i couldn't move in the map. Caused me to reset my data over 3 times