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Reviews for "Super Mario Loops"

how i start this game

I like the game, and the whole remix Idea ((The reason why I adored Abobe's big adventure.)) But there is some bugs and glitches that could be fixed. One of the most game breaking being after finishing the First Toad house, you can't go to the next levels without it pulling you back on the Toad house level. And I got stuck and couldn't move, this went on for every time I played the game. Fix it plz?

this is an awesome game. my only complaint is that the sound cut out sometimes.

This is amazing, dude! :D

Ordinarily your games are amazing, but this one is just riddled with bugs, not the least of which is that the sound cuts out during the first level and never comes back without resetting. Also it's very unclear what we're supposed to be doing exactly.

Munguia responds:

Sorry for that, try again, i made upgrades helping with the sound cuts and others details, What you supposed to do is Jump, hit boxes, smash enemies, get coins, playing with differents power ups to help the kingdom and find the way out of every level, just like Mario.