Reviews for "Tough Guys"

That is one of the most weird movies that I ever see here on Newgrounds. Keep it going!

Fucking Awesome!

Now I'm starting to wonder if there will be a revenge sequel to this.
Staring the dude who got his face destroyed by epic shockwaves returns to become the third Tough Guy in a revenge story.
Stuck by Gamma-Irradiated-Shock-Waves-of-Awesome, 'Frank Pencil Neck' as I would call him,transforms Into a Villain of equal power!
Does Humanity got what it takes to challenge the coming the very next Hand-Shake of awesome, possibly even a reference to a different hand shake.
What If they discovered the hand shake that would destroy the would and just had to discover if they were tough enough to pull it off.

HAHA!! great! Had me rolling in laughter.

Funny voices and writing. Keep it up. Congrats on your first video, way better than my first video! Hope to see more characters from ya, definitely following now.

The graphics weren't great but it was so damn funny and the voice acting was so great you get 5/5 for pure comedy.