Reviews for "Tough Guys"

This is serious Sick Animation stuff man, you a fan of Marc M?

This was actually quite entertaining good work dude

You've taken the everyday occurrence of two men in the gym reaching for the same free weights and took the event into absurd direction.

You've taken advantage of the animation medium and created impossible situations to go along with an everyday mundane experience.

I don't know why animation is treated as a second class citizen.

Cartoons have the strength to create an entirely brand new reality in ways that live action never could.

It takes a lot of work to just make a bad cartoon since each drawing is a single frame in a movie.

Shortcuts are sometimes used for creating animation but the process takes way effort than live action.

I like how the two strong men became extremely competitive against each other because they were reaching for the same free weights.

I would like more time to get to know more of the personalities of the strong men.

Character development can be improved upon by making the movie a bit longer.

This animated short while based on a gag of two men fighting over free weights has shown a lot of unexpected potential.

I really enjoyed the execution of this cartoon.

- Mightydein

Funny and occasionally awkward. The animation and audio were decent. Decent job overall.