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Reviews for "Shark Lifting 2"

final score 43,001

Wiesi responds:

you ROCK!

final score 41,309

Wiesi responds:


I'm from Lima, Peru. My favorite shark is the Tiger Shark.
I am very happy to see my home in this game and especially to see that the fiercest predator of the Atlantic is even closer than I thought.
I feel happy about that.

Wiesi responds:

Your review made me feel happy too! Thank you!

This game is enjoyable for due it's great art, i really like this game, because i might complete it again on Brutal difficulty.

Wiesi responds:

Thank you! And good luck!

at the bare minimum i got a 10 sec reord my fastest was 14.30 on the green land shark... i shall forever go down is history as the greatest shark lifter ever