Reviews for "Shark Lifting 2"

holy moly this is amazing!!!
its hilarious I love the hola-girl in the back and the one who train with a shark, also the shark-picking helos!
every thing is just perfectly well done, I hoped that it had some more gameplaying elements though. bus rides was very fun.
from a game design perspective this was very inspiring.
definitely will be back to play more.

Playing this on a laptop is REALLY hard, but I enjoyed the game nevertheless. P.S- I'm making a jacksepticeye quiz soon.

Excellent game , i love all your work , i would like to see frank's adventure 5 sometime

As always, your games always impress. The concept behind this game is quite hilarious, but does work out quite well. The 16 bit art scheme works well with it. The map was well done and helped me brush up on my geography. A good choice of music which really worked for this game. Tons of medals on this game, you were quite generous. Had a street fighter 2 thing going on, which looked cool. The brutal difficult did up the difficulty, frustrating, but that's what its all about. Pretty intense game, good job on this instalment.

I Finshed The Game Pretty Awesome :) +5 Stars!