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Reviews for "A Pretty Odd Bunny"

The hit boxes of the enemies spotting you is too large

otrora responds:

You mean the line of sight. That has been a common place for players. Already working on fixing that. Thanks!

Nice game but the music sounds really similar to the rayman 2 soundtrack.

A good ol' dose of platforming fun, featuring a cuddly little critter as main character! Makes me think of Rabbid Rabbits, because... rabbits I guess. Colorful graphics, smooth controls... it's a good game! And I do eat carrots, ever day every winter. :P


Is it me , or this is not working on firefox? (v36)

otrora responds:

Tested, played and right now commenting on firefox v35. It's working just fine. I'm updating right now to try it on v36 just in case, but it shouldn't have any problem either.

Definitely a good game! You really put a lot of work into it and the controls are great. My only criticism is that it's very unclear where the enemy bunnies' fields of vision are. There are times where it seems I'm nowhere near that bunny's line of vision and he spots me. Either make it so that you have to be level with the bunny for him to spot you, or shade in his field of vision.