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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Another wonderful story from you is always cause for celebration. I realize it comes with the territory of making longer pieces, but there were several times when the character names referred to in the story got mixed up, or a few contradictory statements. My thought would be to not have too similar character names like Nabi and Dani; that should help to keep things straight in one's mind.

Thank you for the great visual novel!

Got all the medals, great game,wonderful art, pretty music. Nice sim to pass the time. ;)

Love this game quite a good story!

Nice game tho , and the animation is cool ^^

i really adored the art style. i feel like the ending came a little too quickly for the way it was built up, though, so i'm only giving it 4 stars.
but again the art style! <3 4 1/2.