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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Excellent, as always. Great storyline, appealing graphics, great branching and loveable characters.
5/5 :)

waffrus responds:

Thanks! :D
I'm glad you liked it!

Great game as always, waffrus! I like the simplicity of the gameplay, and the complexity of the graphics. I don't really have any suggestions here, but I must ask, is Dani a character from the Somewhere Series, or do they just share names?

waffrus responds:

It's Dani from the Somewhere Series, yes. <: The baby sister she talks about is Nora.

"But he's good with his hands... Making thinks"
Anyway, great story and awesome art; this game has everything c:

Ahh, this is too freaking cute. I really liked this. I got the ending I wanted. Would definitely reccomend. I played a few of your games and the art style is really pretty. It's enviable actually. Nevertheless, good job. I got the third ending ^.^

It was a fluffy experience, I love it! I got ending 3 on my first try. ^^