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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Nice artwork and good story like always, just wish it was maybe a bit longer but i guess that's why it has multiple endings.
Kudos to you and your cousin for making a pretty good game.

This was really cute. A pretty good VN. The visuals were definitely a strong point. I appreciated the characters changing outfits, and the painted backgrounds were very nice (although colors were a bit muddy at times).
I found the writing a little weak at times, often explaining something that was already clear from the visuals (like it being morning). If something can/already is being told visually there usually is no need to write it.
Unfortunately, I also had trouble feeling attached to to the characters, especially Pierce. I think just a little more time spent with them would have helped.
Overall, good job! This is an ambitious project, and it was very well executed! Keep it up!

waffrus responds:

Yeahhh, I think my writing is my weakest point, haha.
But thanks, glad you liked it. <:

Short, but a fun story. But even with your hints I still can't get the Sundae ending...

This was so cute! Cliche kinda story, but the art, music and characters make up for that! Also very interesting thing you did with the charms and history.

Frustrating about the "kiss part". He asks "Is that a no?""... Correct English dictates if you click Yes as the answer, then you're confirming the answer was a No. So I clicked No, thinking "No, it's not a no." But alas, they didn't kiss and it was meaning that the No answer was a No to the kiss.

Other than that, it was fun.

waffrus responds:

Guh, the ambiguity of English. Changed it, so hopefully future players will be less annoyed, haha.