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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

love the art style,, cute story

It's alright. There was one part that annoyed me though.

"Is that a no?"

(Mind implodes)

waffrus responds:

I saw that and thought, oh, I should change that or people are going to get annoyed.
...And then I left it in because it made me laugh.
Sorry, I'll go change that now, aha.

A very nice simple game with nice music and good visuals. Keep up the great work.

Great idea making a story based game that plays like an interactive book. I was thinking of doing something like this myself but got bummed when the people I don't it to thought it was silly. You have just inspired me and for that I (and also to acknowledge the superb art style) I give you the honor of a high rating. Thanks for this!

I love Visual Novels but I was wondering is there a save and load option here?

That aside I like the music and the art style, the story is cute and charming.

Keep up the god work <3