Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Another great game from Waffrus!

I really liked the story, it was simple and pretty sweet~ The characters and their expressions were amazing and I love the way you put funny stuff in your works.
The musics were pleasant to listen, and congratulations on learning how to put multiples on in it xP~
And...well... The art was simply amazing, as I said before the expressions were really well made and even the pictures from the endings look pretty~

Keep up with the good work Waffrus!~

I really really like that game! *A* The history and the artwork, both are incredible *U* I love it!

OMG! DANI AND NORA!!! I love how you paired the stories. I LOVE IT!!!!

So after playing this wonderful dating game.. i got the happy ending of course :) well i hope you would do more of this, i really enjoy playing this kind of games too, making choices , if you're gonna make another game, i hope you would do more when you make another choice it will lead to another situation just like in the other games like the walking dead by telltale or like, life is strange... well anyways love your artwork and the style and it would be good if the character who are speaking in the dialogue box change(like the dialogue goes up when dina is speaking), coz i thought nada is dina.. well that's my only a little complain.. but anyways 10/10 to this game :)

You did NOT think you were safe from me, right?

Hello, it's always mr. I'mReviewingAllYourGamesSinceColorsOfAFeather, or IRAYGSCOAF for short, which is not short at all, so I'll go with IRA.

I loved this too! It was cute, as always really warm fuzzy feelings with a touch of humour.
I loved your drawing style and character design as always, too. The music is as always very apt. The splash arts at the end of the routes are quite good too, must take a lot of time to do them. Well, it's worth it!^^
Now don't laugh at me, but it's almost the fourth time I play through it and... I can't bring myself to change any of the choices. I chose the path to the true end on the first playthrough, and even if I'd like to see the other endings, that'd mean treating pierce badly and every time I play I can't bring myself to do that xD.

Now I'll be waiting patiently for your next one, which you announced on the page.

And know I'll be there to review that too.
(which sounds hauntingly like a threat, but none intended. xD)

Cheers! ^_^