Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

The drawing are beautiful and the 'technical difficulties' chi-bi is just too cute for words!
Not one of the best stories but the creative side is fabulous.
Thanks for making great games
Cheers :)

Okay, so the story was predictable, but most dating sim/VN's are.
But your art-! My gosh - your art style is adorable, I love it SO MUCH.
Also, baby Nora. Because let's face it, Nora is greatest. ^_^

This is great! Personally I'm OK with reading but I rarely read... Though this got me like... Damnnnnnnn!! I almost got all the endings!! The only ending I haven't achieved is Sundae Ending! I am sort of confused, because what does he not like? He likes her at the end but he hated her at the beginning. So I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to make it so he keeps avoiding but he wants her to get closer or he wants to get closer but she ain't doing it...

These are always so cute! :)

This game is saa cuate (Lol I mean This game is so cute) Just if you want to know