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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Nice game tho , and the animation is cool ^^

Very Good! Beautifully strung story line and artwork!

So after playing this wonderful dating game.. i got the happy ending of course :) well i hope you would do more of this, i really enjoy playing this kind of games too, making choices , if you're gonna make another game, i hope you would do more when you make another choice it will lead to another situation just like in the other games like the walking dead by telltale or like, life is strange... well anyways love your artwork and the style and it would be good if the character who are speaking in the dialogue box change(like the dialogue goes up when dina is speaking), coz i thought nada is dina.. well that's my only a little complain.. but anyways 10/10 to this game :)

Great game. The only complaints we have are that the music was a little repetitive and the story progression was a bit fast, but this is understandable, considering this is a free flash game. Plus, the art and cute little character interactions more than made up for any negatives. I think this does a good job of explaining exactly how we feel about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgT_qLSVVAY


Great idea making a story based game that plays like an interactive book. I was thinking of doing something like this myself but got bummed when the people I don't it to thought it was silly. You have just inspired me and for that I (and also to acknowledge the superb art style) I give you the honor of a high rating. Thanks for this!