Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

This is a great game to play, I seriously enjoyed the beautiful artwork. It was a very amusing story plot and the various facial expressions brightened up my mood throughout the game. I especially liked the new ending of salty ice cream ending with Dani; because this is the second/third time I have played this game straight and that I wanted to know what happened next after not ending up with Pierce in the end. Good game and keep up the good work!!! :) :D

A simply lovely story. I enjoyed every bit of it - especially the "True End". And your art is amazing! I adore the facial expressions :3

Aw this was a really sweet game. I love your art style. So unique and 'soft' looking if that makes sense. I've never really thought about visual novels before as I writer myself but you've given me something to think about. I've played your other games with Dani and Nora and absolutely adore them too. Keep it up! :)

Nice game tho , and the animation is cool ^^

Very Good! Beautifully strung story line and artwork!