Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

the blue haired guy and pink haired girl remind me of aomine and momo from kuroko no basket. idk if that's really where u got inspiration but they look so alike! :O

waffrus responds:

I've never watched that actually. My cousin and I picked the colors on a whim. But I googled them just now, and wow, the color IS rather similar, haha. Oh well~

Nice artwork and good story like always, just wish it was maybe a bit longer but i guess that's why it has multiple endings.
Kudos to you and your cousin for making a pretty good game.

love the art style,, cute story

I really like this game. It's very sweet and I wish it was a bit longer and had other characters like say if you don't join the jewelry club and go to music instead then there should be other characters to spread out the chapters evenly and also the words "Nabi ...no...I don't want to remember" were WAY to dark to see, I actually have to screen capture the image and play around with it in gimp and then it was still hard to read. And with the music I had to keep clicking to turn it off (I was listening to other songs while I was playing this) so that got a tad annoying. But anyway it's still a really good game with an interesting story and beautiful art. You and your cousin should feel proud of this. Keep up the great work!

waffrus responds:

I... actually noticed too late that that line of dialogue was basically lost, oops. But I'll do something to fix that now. And dang, I thought I accounted for the music not coming back on when sound was off. Hrm. Will look into that. Sorry about that.

And yes, shortness is always an issue with my games. My... attention span tends to run out of steam when writing, haha... I'll work on that as one of the things to improve for in my next games.

But glad you liked it! <:

Another great game from Waffrus!

I really liked the story, it was simple and pretty sweet~ The characters and their expressions were amazing and I love the way you put funny stuff in your works.
The musics were pleasant to listen, and congratulations on learning how to put multiples on in it xP~
And...well... The art was simply amazing, as I said before the expressions were really well made and even the pictures from the endings look pretty~

Keep up with the good work Waffrus!~