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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Great as always!

OMG! DANI AND NORA!!! I love how you paired the stories. I LOVE IT!!!!

Great game as always, waffrus! I like the simplicity of the gameplay, and the complexity of the graphics. I don't really have any suggestions here, but I must ask, is Dani a character from the Somewhere Series, or do they just share names?

waffrus responds:

It's Dani from the Somewhere Series, yes. <: The baby sister she talks about is Nora.

Another wonderful story from you is always cause for celebration. I realize it comes with the territory of making longer pieces, but there were several times when the character names referred to in the story got mixed up, or a few contradictory statements. My thought would be to not have too similar character names like Nabi and Dani; that should help to keep things straight in one's mind.

Thank you for the great visual novel!

I really really like that game! *A* The history and the artwork, both are incredible *U* I love it!