Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

I love this game! The only thing I'd keep an eye out for (and that got me my first play through) is when Pierce asks "Is that a no?". Nabi's options are yes or no, however your selection plays through as if you were answering whether Pierce could kiss Nabi or not. It's kinda confusing. Great work though!

It's alright. There was one part that annoyed me though.

"Is that a no?"

(Mind implodes)

waffrus responds:

I saw that and thought, oh, I should change that or people are going to get annoyed.
...And then I left it in because it made me laugh.
Sorry, I'll go change that now, aha.

Great as always!

OMG! DANI AND NORA!!! I love how you paired the stories. I LOVE IT!!!!

Great game as always, waffrus! I like the simplicity of the gameplay, and the complexity of the graphics. I don't really have any suggestions here, but I must ask, is Dani a character from the Somewhere Series, or do they just share names?

waffrus responds:

It's Dani from the Somewhere Series, yes. <: The baby sister she talks about is Nora.