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Reviews for "Charms of Lavender Blue"

Why again no music???? Sorry waffrus ima have to skip this one too.
Oh wait that's it. -_- i played all ur games.

Really enjoying this game, the plot twist was very well done, and all the characters are likeable, alas i've gotten 8 of the medals but the last totally eludes me, I've been trying to get salty ice cream for an hour now replaying it and replaying it so much that the dialogues gotten stale, i think it's time i gave up but the game was still good so thanks T T *gives thumbs up*

Update! I finally figured it out after I gave it one last shot! You have to pick all the close to dani options and THEN get yourself onto the best not to risk it ending so that there's an aftermath scene with dani cheering you up about it.
It was really sweet <3 I'm so glad I kept at it.

I love the art and music, but the story could be worked on a little.

Wow nice

The art in this is really good I really like the texture in the colortones so for that alone props to you on all the effort and detail, The "MEDALS" are a nice touch but its the "STORY" that really plays a big part here so more props to you on another good story element here.

Some small animations within the art might be kind of cool.


the art is so good