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Reviews for "Brutal 2: Mr. Bubbles"

Levels 13 and 14 are nearly impossible to play due to terrible unacceptable lag that will make input unresponsive. Right-click and put quality on "low" for those two levels at least.

Do there really need to be that many moving objects in those levels? Because, see, the problem is you're just having too much going on all at once and it's very resource-heavy. Try to find ways to be more efficient. Stationary spikes kill just as well as rotating ones (for the non-moving spikes), hint-hint.

For those trying for high scores, play each level several times on several quality settings and see what works best for optimizing score on each level. For some levels it's high quality and for some its low quality. Of course levels 13 and 14 aren't possible on high quality or at least my controls locked up too much to do it.

The third medal does not work, but it is a good game.

This Game Is Pretty Awesome! Great Work +5 Stars!

good but could be a bit more detailed