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Reviews for "NARWHAL"

That narwhal obliterated three laser sharks like it was nothing! It feels like an understatement to say they beat them polar bears in a fight. Way to go, Narwhales Rule!

That was... Interesting... I still liked it tho, so good job.

i love this so much........so much

Needs a hyper drive of sure smite sake, and throw in some bone pirates and it's gold. Good job on the flash though, thought it was cute.

do frozen dinners expire? Like im hungry and i wanna eat it, but its been in the feezer for awhile o_O uugh, You know what, Im eating it. Im just too hungry care. Oh and cool video ^_^ I like the part where the narwhal was all like Pew pew pew and they where made into sushi.... Now i want sushi T_T