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Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter 2"


It is immensely satisfying killing the 3rd boss when first starting the game and giving the 4th one a hard time, although you fight with no upgrades whatsoever. This is a worthy sequel. The missing half-star comes from direct comparisson to other bullet-hell games with more variaty in music. The soundtrack here is awesome though. Very Fun :)

Nicely done. Perhaps you should give achievements or something like that
amazing work

Really enjoyed this in terms of gameplay! I think it's come so far since the first instalment of Epic Boss Fighter. I would have liked a little more variety in items as it felt like a lot of them had functions that were too similar to one another and perhaps some more descriptions on the function of each suit or droid's abilities. Other than that, my only gripe is that I would have like to be able to equip consumables with a click instead of dragging them over (but that's just me being a lazy, lazy man).

4.5*! Looking forward to the next one.

I've played this game a lot and the one analogy that always comes to mind is you keep beating your face on a brick wall time and time again until the wall breaks but I love these types of games, that's also why I like bloodbourn, dark souls, and demon souls, its the same concept.