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Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter 2"

its a nice game, dont know my skill level but I only went back to kill more bosses twice so it was quite nice, ashame it ended, I prefer a game to play for years (rest of my life) but this made a nice change for 3 hours

Only managed to play for 20 minutes before my brain started to overheat.
Now I need to go lie down and maybe get some eyedrops.

I really find this addicting and I really like this game.
But the bad scaling in difficulty and the absence of a retry button makes me more frustrated than happy
But good game nevertheless

When fans play a sequel, they generally want the same great action with some clever new features and maybe a graphics upgrade. That is exactly what you've done here.

By keeping the control the same, you allow us to really focus on the new ideas in the game. The inventory system is much better than the cliche "buy a upgrade." As we get deeper into the game, more items appear in the store, so many that you can't use them all even with all the upgrade slots unlocked, which makes the game a truly customized experience.

The bosses are all really creative and adding little touches like interacting with your environment to drop a bosses shield or picking up allies to help you during particular fight keeps each battle interesting. Some fights have a small puzzle aspect.

The music is also very pleasant.

Overall a great sequel and a terrific game.

wait what is epic? the bosses? the fighter? or the boss fighting?