Reviews for "The Broadenlands"

the pixels on my screen in the rectangle that makes up the flash window were of various colors. they also emitted strange sounds akin to music and various sound effects.

forgot to mention. the colors of the pixels changed a lot.

GuyUngerNL responds:

have you try to look for patterns in these pixel colors and their connections with the sound? If you manege to do that I would recommend you to also try to connect this with things like motion and story and maybe even mechanics but I can't ask for too much

Hope you get the bug fixed soon. It's a really adorable game though and up to the bridge everything looks dandy !

Really cute and well executed.. and very different from most of the violence on this site. I approve.

Clever, short game with a cute art style, nice music, and a fun short story. What could go wrong?

This is fantastic and original, and has a good soundtrack to it. Excellent idea!