Reviews for "The Broadenlands"

Same bug couldn't pass the dungeon 2. I think the game is still in dev. I don't give games less than 3 stars rating so here you go :3 3.5 .

This game is so cute and the atmosphere, gameplay, music, story and overall execution is great, but I seem to have the same problem as others where I couldn't continue quite early on in the game. In the room where you have to build a bridge, I cannot go around my bed to the next "area". This might be because that's actually as far as the game goes? Is this game unfinished? I guess this is the case since it was for Ludum Dare, but I just wish you would have mentioned in the Author Comments that this game is unfinished.

Still, very simple gameplay, but I enjoyed it :)

doesn't work on firefox (yes, I've tried to disable add-block): loading game, clicking play, book opens and just black window remains (with 2 gray stripes at the top)
because of this i've used explorer: game loads normal and is playable. But i also can't pass the lvl with the gap. Exit is not accessible.

I can't find the way into the dungeon. Where is it? I am playing in Firefox. Thank you.

GuyUngerNL responds:

i'm not going to tell you where it is, it's a secret dungeon. I'm playing in chrome.

At the end I was waitin at
"Tell me about it"
"Yeah..wait what?!" :D