Reviews for "The Broadenlands"

This game is so cute and the atmosphere, gameplay, music, story and overall execution is great, but I seem to have the same problem as others where I couldn't continue quite early on in the game. In the room where you have to build a bridge, I cannot go around my bed to the next "area". This might be because that's actually as far as the game goes? Is this game unfinished? I guess this is the case since it was for Ludum Dare, but I just wish you would have mentioned in the Author Comments that this game is unfinished.

Still, very simple gameplay, but I enjoyed it :)

Same bug couldn't pass the dungeon 2. I think the game is still in dev. I don't give games less than 3 stars rating so here you go :3 3.5 .

An okay game so far, but it seems to get stuck on the "dungeon 2" level where you have to move the 3 logs to create a bridge - the entrance/exit portal becomes impossible to pass through in either direction, you can push in a bit towards the entrance if you run in from a distance but the resistance "rubberbands" you back and if you hold the movement key towards the portal the protagonist just kinda runs in the same place while slightly shaking. You also seem to move towards the center pillar when you try to move into the portal, so if you run to the portal from the upper wall then you'll get "rubberbanded" towards the center pillar. Oh and there's a hand pointing towards the portal, so the level should be complete. And you become unable to move back through the portal as soon as you get into that bridge level.

Technical stuff: Browser - Firefox 35.0.1 (supposedly the latest), Adobe Flash player - (latest version according to some adobe website).


It's soo cute and stylish, I like it :)