Reviews for "The Broadenlands"

This is awesome man! beautiful story and simply gameplay.

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Very very cute and fun gameplay! I love the idea of it being his imagination and it being his room, being an only child with a large imagination, I had many days where I'd make my room my own adventure, so it's a blast to the past for me. The music is cute and fun, and the art is adorable. My only criticisms is how short it was, I'd love to see a full length game similar to this with the same idea, maybe expanding more than just his room, and also the fact that when you need to go back to get the big key, the arror points you forward, which caused a bit of confusion.

I can't find the way into the dungeon. Where is it? I am playing in Firefox. Thank you.

GuyUngerNL responds:

i'm not going to tell you where it is, it's a secret dungeon. I'm playing in chrome.

this SO reminds me between me and my mom (with the room cleaning)... that's my life there xD

This is fantastic and original, and has a good soundtrack to it. Excellent idea!