Reviews for "Typecoon"

Interesting idea, but the screen keeps freezing as the game scrolls and I eventually miss letters. I'm a very fast typer in English, and I don't even have to look at the keyboard.

Good, but I can't really get far with typing fast.

the attack rockets you to the enemy , leaving you no time to type anything else. maybe if the bunny could throw bombs it would work, but this makes it frustrating

The concept is really good. But the way it snaps to the victim every time you hit key limits the amount of time you have to do the next one severly. I got into the 600s. There was nothing in it to keep me interested. I love the art and the animation though. Also, for a bit at the beginning I thought I had to type what the signs said and ended up killing myself a lot. Might want to clarify that more. I recommend giving him a ranged weapon as well that he can use when he is far away. So when you hit a key it sends that instead of jumping at him. Also, there were some times that there would only be one letter in the beginning of a sequence and would only reveal the rest when you hit the first one. Which would be tolerable, except when it teleports you really close you have to read and then react in a small amount of time.

Nice game, but the rapid shifting of the camera and stuff is making it hard to read the letters. Frequently I've Game Over'd because I couldn't read what letter it was I was supposed to hit. Maybe make the camera pan at a steady rate and just have the ninja 'coon move around the visible area?