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Reviews for "We Gotta Get Spongebob Ba"

The voice acting was really good, Squidward and Patrick's voices were really close to the original (or at least the ones in my country), the story was a good mix of surreal and comedy, i just wish it was a bit longer so it felt more like an episode than a short fanimation.

I like it... I mean one part was trippy to the mind and it partly makes NO SENSE to me... I'll do four and a half stars...

A perfect example of what absurdest parody should be. In a current state of internet animation where all of the parody's out there are just adding in violence, swearing and crass content, it's nice to see someone who understands how to do parody right.

Wait, on 2:56 on the last flag is a svastika?

Honestly all I have to say in this review is... I G O T T A G E T S P O N G E B O B B A C K ! ! ! ! !