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Reviews for "Super Cat Guy!"

This is your average platformer game with a few twists here and there. (That's the second time i've said that today)
Music is pretty good and i likethe sense of humor you put in the story here.
This isn't terribly bad but i wouldn't call it good either.

I would allow this trough judgement phase.

It's great

Excellent platformer. Despite looking somewhat crude, it's an interesting game. There is a nice difficulty ramp and you gain abilities such as to draw and to erase platforms to get to the objective. The humor is good and a pleasant game to play overall. Good work!

Really cool and challenging game :)

MajesticPie responds:

F-f-five stars? 0_o

Is this... Scratch?

Well, anyway, this isn't bad! I'm a scratcher myself, but this isn't bad! However, I would like to say, please please please make the physics less slippery.