Reviews for "Super Cat Guy!"

No,just no,this isnt a game after all and shouldnt been approved to release here.

I disagree, badcat definitely has super speed. Outruns super cat guy holding cat girl!?! Super speed man!!! Im telling you, no lies!

PS AWDS for movement would of been WAYY easier for me. Fun game :)

At the beginning, I honestly thought I would not get any enjoyment out of this.
However, I was surprised
Good Points:
-Great Level Ideas especially the drawing one.
-You switch the way to win almost every level, which made me want to go to the end just to see what the boss fight was like.
-Music tracks are nice
Bad Points:
-Glitching on the draw level(had to refresh)
-Mediocre Art Style
-And the pre-story
Overall 3 stars for an up and coming game creator
I hope to see your style and game production improve as you get more experience under your belt.
-Aaron Moss

Wow those physics >_<

Lol, this game is pretty charming though. And I like kitties.

Pretty fun little platformer, and great music! Good instructions, and scripting looks pretty alright. Wall jumping was a little hard though.