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Reviews for "co-op play"

for those who said the sound quality/voice acting was off please understand this was 10 months ago, i didn't have the same mic i do now so i can promise you guy the next piece of pinoytoons flash with me voicing in it will be 100x better! so be on the look out cause it's gonna be amazing :3

pinoytoons responds:

yep . i'm looking forward to that flash . i just wish my programmer has more time to spare for me hehe .

Excellent work. That was beautiful. My only complaint is the sound. It feels almost silent and I had to turn up my computer volume to hear it. The sound quality could also be a bit better. Other than that, It's awesome

pinoytoons responds:

tnx for the review . we are working on the audio part .

Was quite okay. You could still need some work on your curves and depth though. And female genitals xP But they at least matched the male one this time around hehe.

That's a yeast infection waiting to happen though xD
And by 10 month's, you mean in a on/off manner or? Or what do you mean with "slow fashion"?
But yeah, quite run of the mill. It does it's job sorta ok. Very cardboard cut-out chars with the classic selfish male and females with no self-regards/needs. But know it wasn't your script. Though, that pretty much sums up every single flash you've ever done granted, but, you know xD

Will give this courier thing a look btw. Didn't notice it before.

pinoytoons responds:

slow fashion means yeah in and out kinda thing . need to do some other projects aside from this actually .

keep up the work I loved it!

pinoytoons responds:


Don't listen to those negetive nancies. They're obviously just jealous, and rightfully so. This is by far one of your best to date. It shows that more time was taken in that the animation is as smooth as ever, and the transitions flowed well. And the voice acting was just fine. Anyone who says otherwise is either deaf, or hasn't heard the lower level of quality that we usually have to settle for.
Den outta Den!

pinoytoons responds:

tnx mate . i'm glad to see interesting reviews :D