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Reviews for "Sleeping Fox Room Escape"

well done. not too easy and foxes rock

this is basically a carbon copy of every point-and-click escape game there is, with some very pointless tweaks made in a half-baked attempt to make it original. the idea of finding objects to open things is practically nonsensical; why would i collect these random objects and... butterflies? Gems? this seems like a bad iPhone game than anything else, not to mention the name, which sounds like, again, a bad iPhone game named by someone who possesses only rudimentary knowledge of English, of which there are far too many already.
on the other hand, i suppose it is decent in gameplay; most of the puzzles were far too easy, and everything that you had to gather stuck out from everything around it, but i suppose finding some of the stuff made me feel observant. far too simple to entertain me for long, though.

over all, i recommend that anyone looking to play this game play Submachine instead.

+1 for Foxes, my favorite animal.
+3 for a decent gameplay and animation.
-1 for unoriginal basis.
-.5 for bad English.