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Reviews for "Støv - «Rives»"

Kva faen har vi skapt?

One ot the best things I've seen on Newgrounds!

This video, no, inspiration has left me in tears as it truly filled a great hole in my life. It reminded me of my childhood and overall better times.

for those who want to know what the song is about, if you understand Norwegian, i think it's much more clear of what's going on. the song tells that it's easy to hide away form people, but you didn't ask to leave them alone. (people who's losing social skills) and the fatness, would be the "Time" that has past (i think).

"i'm hiding myself away now, i'm hiding myself away now, you can still find me hear" they repeat in the lyrics

I would say, it's a Really creative music video you could believe it was made as a joke, but it has a meaning that make sence that presents it in a really creative way. For me, 5/5

The best music video I've seen this year