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Reviews for "Støv - «Rives»"

Well. That was incredibly disturbing for a music video. I'm not sure if this was made as a joke, or if this is sincere. If it is sincere, I worry for your sanity. half a star for good introduction.

So it started off somewhat nice, and then went for a hard downhill spiral that was borderline unforgivable.

I don't honestly understand what went wrong with just animating normally in 3d. Yeah, admittedly it is humorous when a rig breaks and gets all weird and distorted but when that becomes the "highlight" of the animation it defeats the entire purpose in my mind.

Congratulations on reaching the front page but at the same rate this isn't a solid 3D animation.

That being said, it is a music video, and music videos are notorious for being mind warping bits of insanity that make us question many things after watching the music video. In a sense I'm not hating on your work in particular, just the execution of which you made this animation.

I look forward to what you decide to post in the future.

And I thought Japanese comercials were weird.....

The best music video I've seen this year

This is what can happen when you do 3D animation lol.