Reviews for "LoLs - Team Yordle"

Okay, okay... okay
The animation was SO smooth; Like eyecandy. Like, candy being thrown at your eyeballs. I actually laughed really hard at the jokes, too. That might just be due to the fact that I laugh over everything (The Poopy thing's old, but the way it was presented was pretty great).
I'm also kinda biased since I play Leg of Legs so uh hi.
But anyway, good job man because that was really great. ;-;

You know what? wouldn't be far from the truth if all the yordles were controlled by new players and braum had already hit 18 from being fed xD. I laughed too hard when the Poros licked up their blood xD nicely done dude! 5/5

I found it an amusing watch. Sound, animation, and humor were all solid.

I liked it. The line art needs work though.

i kek'd..