Reviews for "Office Awesomeness Ep 1.5"

very funny

This... is gold.
my favorite things in one animation.
anime, DBZ, and gonzo..+ girl gamerz, that just blew in like, whuuut!
Dont you dare to not post next week!
This is a drug i need man, I NEED MELON!

*Wipes some tears away* It was beautiful...
I thought it was a very nice animation. The backgrounds were very solid, animation was solid, and it was entertaining to watch the entire time. Thanks for the fresh breath of air.

Yeah! It's all that Nameckians' fault they all look like steriotypes! And while he's getting his grape drink and fried chicken, he should also have it served to him by a white woman with tig ol' bitties and a flat booty too!!!!!!!!

On a side note, the animation is petty good and contributes to the humor in a fast paced way. I'm a LITTLE concerned about the main charas. voice in the beginning, but it rounded itself out thru the middle to the end. So that's a small gripe.

Nice IRREVERANTLY funny @$$ $#!+ flash!