Reviews for "Office Awesomeness Ep 1.5"

You have some real skills & tallent at graphic design & animation. It's a shame to put this effort in a self deprecation parody of your own work, though.

My advice to you: team up with someone with stroyboarding and character design skills. Put this effort into creating an actual story, instead of some nonsense mish-mash.

CooliSushi responds:

Thanks I'll keep that in mind, also this is something I have created in between before office awesomenss episode 2, which goes more in the story. This is more cannon than actual story telling :P

I loved this video entil the out of place gonzo references. Then I got a little confused.

Haha, I loved it. So random, and well drawn and animated. Thanks for the laugh

This is a very well done animation. Voice work, facial expressions, and comedic timing could use some improvement though. I didn't understand any of what the black guy said (how racist of me) and everything was really random. I liked the banter between the namekians, though I don't understand where they came from or what point they served? You've definitely got a lot of potential - your animation and fx skills are killer - really unique for a flash animator. The backgrounds are nuts too, really good. Just need to fix your storytelling skills - it's okay to be random for the sake of a few chuckles, but I had no clue what was going on.

Great job, can't wait to see more from you in the future! You've improved a lot from your past works.

All of these references are on spot, and it's very well drawn and pleasing to watch. Jokes are alright, they could've been a little bit better. But it has shown there was time taken to make this. So i'm very happy with the turnout!