Reviews for "Office Awesomeness Ep 1.5"

I really liked the backgrounds a lot and the color choices you used. Also did you use a boondocks design reference for the two Nameks? Something about it felt very boondock-ish haha.

That went random fast! :D Crazy, creative animation, with one main character introduction even though it's supposedly right after the first, gets me wondering if there's one in each one, if it's a consistent series or series of random encounters. Should get to watching the first one! This was great, although not always easy to make out what some of those people were saiyan. Keep it going!


What in the name of Bikini Bottom did I watch?

sweet animating. Looks really good.

You have some real skills & tallent at graphic design & animation. It's a shame to put this effort in a self deprecation parody of your own work, though.

My advice to you: team up with someone with stroyboarding and character design skills. Put this effort into creating an actual story, instead of some nonsense mish-mash.

CooliSushi responds:

Thanks I'll keep that in mind, also this is something I have created in between before office awesomenss episode 2, which goes more in the story. This is more cannon than actual story telling :P