Reviews for "Korra 8 bits"

I love it ! 8-Bits remix's are cool. Hope this gets front paged for ya ;)


lukatesi responds:

Thanks! :D

If this would have came out as a full game back when NES was around I would never stop playing it.

lukatesi responds:

Imagine a beat'em up game. That would be amazing!

dude epic man

lukatesi responds:


Wow, awesome job mate! How long did it take you to make this?

lukatesi responds:

It took around a few hours for 1 week.

Never thought I would see the Legend of Korra intro in 8-bit, at least not this well done anyway.

To make anything look good in 8-bit takes time and talent, something the guys who make "retro" games need to understand. As back then if they had the means, they would have made everything as beautiful as possible even IF they only had 16 colors to work with, or at max 32.
THIS is true retro graphics folks so get it right.

But you didn't stop at just visuals, you got the music, and sounds down pat just as a machine with only 8 bit capability would muster.
Animation wise a little to complex for an 8-bit card could handle but you made it LOOK convincing and that's what counts.

Nice job.
Its short and its quick buts a really nice look at something most don't even dare attempt.
making ACTUAL 8-Bit graphics look nice.

lukatesi responds:

Yes! You really understand that. I'm glad to know that some people understand the work it takes to do all respecting a grid and using few pixels.