Reviews for "Awesome Drive"

I only wish that I could chance the car. Otherwise good.

Yes, I do remember a 2D game much like this being one of the example programs that came with old versions of Game Maker. Car design and basic premise in particular are very similar. But despite the newer engine, this somehow manages to be even less interesting. There's nothing for the player to do but near-effortlessly avoid collision with a small number of distinct obstacles.

Music is not bad, but is a very short loop, and has no absolutely relation to the game's tone whatsoever, and is only played over the menu. Squealing is used too often, and collisions feel uneventful. None of the background are that interesting, and I believe the effort would have better gone toward making one background less repetitive. Overall, lacking coherence and imagination.

I need to tap up arrow to move?! wtf.

Quite nice. It's a solid, if a bit of a dull effort.
The viewpoint works, and the graphics are decent.
A bit more challenge, more variation in obstacles would be nice. But most importantly, does the car really need to squeal like a stuck pig every time you change lanes?

Not half bad. Great work ^.^